Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pinewood Derby

Kyle worked hard to help Joey and Josh make
their "Mario" and "Bowser" derby cars.
It was their 1st Pinewood Derby so they were
pretty excited when the chance came to race.

They had it decorated really cool!

We were hoping the cars would at least make
it down the track, so it was cool when we
finished 6th and 7th.


Three Guys and a Gal said...

Good to see that you guys are alive! Your blog has been seriously neglected. I am still waiting for the photos of you house! Maybe you could work on that for me!! :) I love those two boys! How cute are they! I can still remember them so little. I sometimes forget how big they are now!:( Miss you guys!

Julie said...

Way to go boys!! We love those CARS!! Mario & Bowser...that's great.

Jaxson is so excited to start scouts in July. His mom will be his den leader (yea!)

You guys look so cool in your scout shirts...we can't wait to get all that stuff in July!!

I can't believe you will soon be in 3rd grade. Seems like just yesterday you were in my class...enjoy your final days of 2nd grade!!